Take a look at all the opportunities and challenges I have to offer. Let's start your transformation through applied intention.

Executive Coaching

Let me provide a space to talk about your goals and plans. Together, we will work to determine the steps you will take to achieve them.

100 Day Journey

So much can be accomplished in just 100 days. The duration will allow us to focus on something important to you.

1000 Day Journey

If a lot can be accomplished in 100 days, just imagine what 1000 days can do. This series of smaller 100 day journeys will help you achieve your plans.

Emotional Intelligence Reports & Coaching

EQ-i certified. Emotions help us learn new things, understand others, and push us to take action.

SPICE Resiliency Program

SPICE is an acronym to remember key contributors to happiness and a well-balanced life. Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional.

Motivational Speaking

I give motivational speeches on a variety of topics including resiliency and emotional intelligence.