Roz Ross

Roz is a Certified Executive Coach who specializes in enhancing executives' performance by strengthening their competence in goal-setting, decision-making, change management and leadership.
Roslynn Ross in Amsterdam
Roz visiting Amsterdam, 2018
Roslynn Ross in Amsterdam
Leading the journey in Morroco, 2018

She is an executive in the federal public service of Canada where she has specialized in change management and stakeholder engagement for major government IT projects for much of her career.

As a Director of the Cognitive Centre of Canada, she co-developed an internationally-accredited social competence training program which teaches interpersonal problem-solving, negotiation, creative thinking and critical reasoning. More than ninety-thousand individuals in twenty-four countries have been trained in this program. It has been translated into fourteen languages.

Roz has conducted training on social competence both in Canada and internationally. She is co-author of three books; Reasoning & Rehabilitation — A Handbook for Cognitive Skills Training (1986); Cognitive Skills - A Training Manual for Living Skills (1988); and Thinking Straight (1995).

As an accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach and Mentor, Roz has frequently served as a motivational speaker for government agencies.


Clarify your vision, identify potential obstacles and create a path to reach your objectives.

What people are saying about me

Roz coached me while I was undertaking my first acting executive role. It was a stressful time and she helped me through it by asking questions that allowed me to figure out what I really wanted to do with my career. Not only did her coaching help me professionally but also personally. Through our regular sessions I came out with tools and techniques to be more mindful and self-aware. I truly feel that without Roz's coaching I wouldn't be where I am today and I highly recommend her services!"


There are many ways I used Roz's coaching services, be it to achieve personal or professional goals. Her generosity and the fact that she genuinely cares about her customers made it a safe place to confide and hence to reap the benefits of tailored coaching sessions. I would say it is simple a life changing experience; a 100 days journey at a time!"